Customized Microsoft OWA 2016 for Exchange 2016

Lets demonstrate your microsoft OWA with our new advanced custom OWA 2016 interface

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Custom Citrix web interface 5.4 Custom Citrix web interface 5.4 Application Custom Citrix web interface 5.4 Application


Custom Citrix Web Interface

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Custom Citrix Storefront 2.6 Web Interface

Custom Citrix Storefront
2.6 Web Interface

Custom branded for Citrix StoreFront Receiver for Web

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Custom Citrix Web Interface 5.4

Custom Citrix Netscaler
Gateway 10.5 with SF 2.5

Custom Branding Solutions For Netscaler Gateway 2.5

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Custom Microsoft Outlook web app 2010

Custom Microsoft
Outlook web app 2010

Web Interface Branding Solutions owa 2010

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Custom Citrix Web Interface 5.4

Custom Microsoft
Outlook Web app 2013

Custom Branding Solutions For Outlook 2013

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Custom Microsoft RD Web Access 2012

Custom Microsoft
RD Web Access 2012

Rd Web Interface Branding Solutions

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Custom Microsoft RD Web Access 2008

Custom Microsoft
RD Web Access 2008

Rd Web Interface Branding Solutions

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2x Access Portal

2x Web Access Portal

2X RAS is another great idea to publish your apps over internet which you can access anywhere on any platform through any web browser. If any organization wish to gather all the benefits of application or desktop virtualization, 2X RAS is the answer to the same. It is another foremost far-off publishing product which gives you the benefit to bring out the apps without using Citrix. The best thing in 2 X Remote applications is its easy installation and configure. Irrespective of any operating system, desktop, mobile device or computer, 2X Remote Application Server provides window application to their user from anywhere. 2X RDP client can easily runs on many operating system including Windows, mac, Linux, IOS, Android and other platform. It is considered as the best in class. 2X Web Portal is the browser based web portal which enables users to access the published applications using the browser.

  • 2x Access Portal Login
  • 2x Access Portal Application Listing

VMware View Extender

InterfacePlanet helps you to customize your web access portal according to your branding. You can easily personalize your portal the way you want it to be like fonts, content, colour and more. Not only we help you to customize your web portal, we also help you to execute your ideas in the portal if you have any. You can make your 2X access portal more usable and easy to understand with your own ideas and advanced personalization.

Till now, we have implemented many of the user’s ideas successfully. We welcome you to share your advanced and unique ideas with us and we will help you to customize 2x web access portal based on it.

InterfacePlanet can offer custom interface solution over the 2X web portals. Because of our deep understanding of 2X Remote application server’s web portal framework, we provide you not only with personalization of designs but also you can play with the features as well. You are free to customize the features of your page the way you want it to be. We can help you in displaying your organization’s branding on every page of 2X web portal. You can choose the branding according to your need.

Some of the features that interface planet offers with custom Interface solution:-

  • Announcement module
  • Web link module
  • Any e-mail integration
  • SSO connectors widget
  • Calendar widget
  • Microsoft outlook web App integration

There is no ongoing licensing or fees. Support packages can be added in blocks of time starting at 10 hours per year, but this support is optional and is not required as part of the Custom Branded RD Web 2012 R2 Interface Package.

From the ‘General Settings’, administrators can configure settings such as logging, session timeout and other security settings and can also customize the appearance of the 2X RAS Portal. 2X RAS Portal settings can be replicated to other servers for backup purposes. Administrators can also check for updates for latest version of 2X RAS Portal.

Administrator is able to log-in into the 2X portal so that he can track the changes that is being performed on the services. Administrator needs to select ‘Enable logging’ button so that it starts the logging any activity performed at the portal of 2X RAS portal.

Our Custom Interface Package includes of

  • Step By Step Installation Guide
    This guide covers preparing for custom interface installation with all step by step action need to perform on server to helps you apply new customization trouble-free and quickly.
  • Free Online Installation Support
    We are offering FREE installation assistance to our all Interface customers using remote support tools, like GoToMeetings etc.
  • Bug Fix Warranty and Support
    Project support and warranties are an integral part of our InterfacePlanet. We provide a six month support period — free of charge — for fixing any bugs after completion of a project.

The warranty becomes effective from the date of final delivery of any project. In the event there is a delay in the response and the return of feedback after the end of the warranty period provided by the Interface Team, we cannot guarantee immediate bug fixes and would consider all feedbacks as change requests. Any change requests beyond identified bugs will have to be estimated separately. They will be considered as changing the scope of a project.

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