Customized Microsoft OWA 2016 for Exchange 2016

Lets demonstrate your microsoft OWA with our new advanced custom OWA 2016 interface

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Custom Citrix web interface 5.4 Custom Citrix web interface 5.4 Application Custom Citrix web interface 5.4 Application


Custom Citrix Web Interface

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Custom Citrix Storefront 2.6 Web Interface

Custom Citrix Storefront
2.6 Web Interface

Custom branded for Citrix StoreFront Receiver for Web

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Custom Citrix Web Interface 5.4

Custom Citrix Netscaler
Gateway 10.5 with SF 2.5

Custom Branding Solutions For Netscaler Gateway 2.5

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Custom Microsoft Outlook web app 2010

Custom Microsoft
Outlook web app 2010

Web Interface Branding Solutions owa 2010

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Custom Citrix Web Interface 5.4

Custom Microsoft
Outlook Web app 2013

Custom Branding Solutions For Outlook 2013

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Custom Microsoft RD Web Access 2012

Custom Microsoft
RD Web Access 2012

Rd Web Interface Branding Solutions

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Custom Microsoft RD Web Access 2008

Custom Microsoft
RD Web Access 2008

Rd Web Interface Branding Solutions

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Mark InfoSystems grips its roots deep down in the area of infrastructure. Our highly developed production facility is leading its business in India UK and Australia. With these two destinations, we connect our corporate extensions in different parts of the world.

We deal with world-class technology parameters and tools with outstanding hardware and software working environment. We have dynamic approach of our skillfully designed communication proponents and highly dignified backend system at our workplace setting.

We promote balancing in work ethics and zeal through prominent infrastructure design and system.

To get a positive result under pressure, motivation is very important. We ensure to maintain a positive and dynamic work area and environment that helps in production increase. With this, We boost up people to work enthusiastically under high work pressure and challenging amount of complexity. There are specially designed places to relax after having tough time dealing with complexity. Canteen, meeting hall, conference area and training labs are sized just perfectly to suit the organizational needs. We have privately held spaces for support cell, server room and separate seating areas for technical, business and creative departments.

Data security is very important in any company. In Mark InfoSystems, Data security is taken very seriously strongly recommended. To avoid any data loss or miss-use, we protect data through number of firewalls. We also have Active Directory policy which keeps track of last logged-in info. To avoid any theft we use selective network access. We also have dedicated secured VPN connections for client specific needs which only grant you the access if you have the similar connection installed at your place.

Along with client side security, our internal system is also very secure. Our internal system is wire-framed with an intranet that takes cares of each and every moment happening in there. This helps us, keeping track of all the process and helps user to respond with fraction of time, error free and assertive. Some important ways to keep track are flow tables, time sheets, plan sheet, status update report and management.

To provide constant and uninterrupted review to client, our project management system keeps continuous monitoring over it. Through this, We try to provide flawless info to client with least chance of miscommunication lacuna in between any two members, entities and attributes that contribute to the project development.

Infrastructure Spotlights

  • 7500 Sq. Feet superior designed well-furnished office area
  • Centrally air-conditioned with all modern amenities
  • Steadfast fire protection systems
  • VOIP facility for effective client communication
  • Wireless Network with WPA security
  • Proxy Sharing on all PC's, with mail and http access Behind firewall
  • Multiple servers with separate server room with 24*7 power back-up
  • Wireless office for mobile computing, with remotely manageable router.
  • Dedicated Windows 2008 R2, Server 2012 and Linux web server on Multiple OC3 [13 GBPS] bandwidth
  • Internal LAN connection on CAT-6 cable

Hardware & Software

  • Development arena surfaced with genuine license software
  • All workstation have 8 GB RAM
  • Perceptively laid workstations and employee-friendly task labs
  • Professionally designed Multimedia and Graphic Designing cards and additional components
  • Ample storage facility with complete security and backup
  • Sophisticated processing and output devices, ultra-fast scanners, high-quality laser and color printers
  • 6 USB CD writers, external drives and very high storage hard disks for backup
  • 100+ full blown Intel power-driven workstations for software design & development, quality assurance and support facilities

Server Network and Connections

  • 1 Mail server
  • 1 Web server
  • 1 Antivirus server
  • 1 Proxy Server with site access control for internet sharing
  • 20 MBPS out-and-out consistent Lease Line connection with 10 MBPS backup
  • NAT enabled internet for senior level employees to effectively cleave to voice and video conferences
  • SCSI RAID 5 enabled server with advanced dual processor for higher performance and least redundancy

Communication and Reporting Facility

  • High level of project transparency by using smart tools like Base camp, Skype & Mentis for ongoing project management
  • Internal communication system for project monitoring and assessment
  • Complete transfer of ownership of source codes, images and all relevant documents
  • Prompt and easily accessible review and feedback facility
  • Project updates and developments available on servers
  • Round the clock communication support
  • Incorporation and enactment of Global Coding Standards as per industry and business requirements
  • Highly experienced and compassionate team to guide you throughout the project development
  • Assurance of complete IP protection by signing NDAs and clearly stated contracts, right in the beginning of project